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A Man of Many Talents

Nick Offerman the actor, writer and wood shop owner

If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss out on The Last of Us on HBO (Omg that was so two months ago). Although I never played the game, I've heard that the adaptation and storytelling are top-notch. Episode 4, in particular, features a beautiful on-camera love story that has captivated audiences worldwide, and the two actors responsible for its success are Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett of White Lotus. Offerman, best known for his portrayal of the stereotypically masculine Ron Swanson in Parks and Rec, proves himself to be a multi-talented individual who knows no limitations, breaking through genre and performance barriers to create memorable work. But, that's not all. He is also a gifted writer and proud owner of a wood shop, Offerman Woodworking.

Nick Offerman is a positive presence in a chaotic and uncertain world and that inspires me.


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