Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego

Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego In the world of entertainment, it can, at times, be challenging to find people who exude even a degree of humility, or even truly acknowledge everyone involved in his or her creative journey.  We’re all egotists after all – the showbiz types who love to be noticed and lauded for what we do. In voiceover, this sometimes-absent humility seems to be more noticeable lately, as we are each called upon to market ourselves and tout our own brands with personal zeal. We become braggarts on social media: “Check out this new campaign I just voiced! [link here]” or “I’m so thrilled to have just signed with So-and-So Agency!” “I’m now the voice of [Big Brand Name here]…

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TV Affiliate Demo

TV Affiliate Demo Got a brand new TV Affiliate Demo hot off the presses! I really enjoyed working on this project with Eric Romanowski of Ear Blowing Audio.  We always have a blast and, as usual, Eric delivers!    

Audition Fun With Christian

Best Practices When Choosing Your Voice Talent

Best Practices When Choosing Your Voice Talent Getting the most out of the casting process, preparing for the recording session and ultimately keeping the talent for the long haul. Casting is finally over: Best Practices begin Out of too many auditions to count, you’ve managed to find the right voice over talent for your brand.  It might be a commercial.  It could be an explainer video.  Maybe even an eLearning module or concert Promo.   Whatever the project is, the voice you found has sure brought some life to those words!  He or she gave an interesting take on the material – one that no one else thought of.  Everyone else on the creative team is on board.  Thank God!  Now you can rest easy and…

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Conversations With A Voice Seeker Part 2

*Note: This article is a follow-up to an earlier post entitled Conversations With A Voice Seeker which I wrote a few months back.  If you haven’t read, be sure to check it out as well. Conversations With A Voice Seeker Part 2 (Sometimes It Just Works)  The following is an example of a hypothetical situation/conversation between a voice talent and voice seeker.  Some is true and some has been altered. Voice Talent: Hello, this is Mike! Jack The Producer: Hey Mike, Jack here! Voice Talent: Uh, Jack who? Jack The Producer: Jack, the Producer guy. We spoke a few months ago.  Remember? Voice Talent: Hmm.  Not ringing a bell.  Can you remind me what it was regarding? Jack The Producer: Oh, we were going to hire you…

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You’ve Heard This Before

  You’ve Heard This Before Dear Readers, I’m back to that place again.  That dreaded feeling of being over-whelmed by the vortex of VO talent blogs, posts, groupies, conferences – everyone disclosing their secrets (and all at the same time I might add), sharing endless wisdom they absolutely have to get off their chest, news that someone somewhere is recording a commercial and they had to let us know how “productive’ they were that morning, etc.  More of the same, more or less.   (CUE booing and ‘ugh, Christian, GOD, WTF dude’) Are you also feeling a bit over-whelmed?  Is your head spinning? Well, make the choice to get away and stick with it.  That’s what I did and do often. I went on a…

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