Optimum Sound Arrives

Optimum Sound Arrives Reviewing the custom vocal booth for solid voice over recording. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a techie or an audio junkie but I do know quality when I hear it.  Optimum sound exists.  Several months ago I upgraded my home studio with a custom vocal booth from QC Acoustics, a company in California.  As I had been wanting to do this for a while, you can imagine the huge sigh of relief as we finished assembling this booth and setting up all the equipment.   Finally, after years of make-shift isolation booths, my very own whisper room had arrived.  That potentially meant the following: No low rumble from city subways or trucks No screaming children playing ball in the streets No thundering jet…

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Corporate Narration Is Far From Boring

Corporate Narration Is Far From Boring: The marriage of a story teller and a brand. Corporate narration remains one of my all-time favorite types of voiceover sessions.  Long-form corporate video, that seemingly mundane form of targeted audience driven recording that has to be exactly what a brand needs? What a great challenge! And what a unique perspective into a company’s true inner workings – speaking directly to its own people. While commercial concepts take a brand’s ideas outward, corporate narration requires motivating brand workers toward a common goal. Beautiful! These projects may help well-established companies reach necessary next steps, or help smaller business achieve standardized successes. When brands tap into the power of corporate narration, they realize that bringing their message to life empowers each…

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Sofia, Mike, Spring Break…and a Grizzly?

Sofia, Mike, Spring Break and…a Grizzly? And they all spent their Spring Break building a home in Polynesia. Well, sort of. (an alternate tale of Christian Rosselli’s narration demo collaboration) A guy named Mike did try to build his own home but not in Polynesia. Sofia became famous for her memorable role in a famous TV sitcom but probably would never have associated with Mike in the first place. However, it really is the story of a guy named Dave Walsh and a dude named Christian, who collaborated together to create a memorable narration demo for the masses. Working with Dave was a privilege for Christian considering Dave’s coaching methods are truly one of a kind. Christian knew that if he followed Dave’s constructive feedback…

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Rocky Voice Over Recording Session

Rocky Voice Over Recording Session Recording voiceover is not always a picnic.  Sometimes it’s a breeze and other times, a complete disaster.  Nine times out of ten though, the commercial is recorded and produced and, in the end, people do actually get what they want from each other.  Well, we hope.  As voice talents, a chaotic recording session is our worst nightmare and we try to avoid it at all costs.  We never intend to make things difficult and do love it when our clients are happy.  Moreover, getting the job is what matters most as we are usually extremely grateful for the opportunity.  A recent video that appeared in Adweek the other week took the cake and made us all laugh hysterically, proving that, in…

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Mobile Recording Adventures

Mobile Recording Adventures Back in June, while visiting my native Connecticut for a doctor’s appointment, I had the rare opportunity to audition from inside a very hot car.  This was my first mobile recording adventure on wheels – my initial experience recording inside a car, as I’m normally in the city and use the subway for transportation.  But after my appointment, a few projects arrived in my inbox with important deadlines.  I figured: why not test out my current set-up.  The video above showcases the recording rig, though not the actual recording in process.  I know – I’m such a tease! While mobile recording for voice over is common in our industry, this particular set-up is different.  I normally record in a closet or somewhere extra cozy and confined.  However, the vehicle…

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The Mindful Voice Talent

The Mindful Voice Talent Implement moments of clarity and pave the road to voice over success Today the voice over industry is slightly more competitive than it ever was and many of us are chomping at the bit to seize on as many opportunities as possible and secure a steady stream of gigs. The problem is not many of us book gigs.  We post demos on plenty of casting sites, sign with multiple agencies all across the country, and audition for many of the same projects as hundreds, if not thousand, of our voice talent competitors.  When this happens, many of us are stuck.  While there are many reasons why this may happen, sometimes a few simple observations go a long way to understanding ourselves better as talents and becoming more confident.  Personal…

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Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego

Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego In the world of entertainment, it can, at times, be challenging to find people who exude even a degree of humility, or even truly acknowledge everyone involved in his or her creative journey.  We’re all egotists after all – the showbiz types who love to be noticed and lauded for what we do. In voiceover, this sometimes-absent humility seems to be more noticeable lately, as we are each called upon to market ourselves and tout our own brands with personal zeal. We become braggarts on social media: “Check out this new campaign I just voiced! [link here]” or “I’m so thrilled to have just signed with So-and-So Agency!” “I’m now the voice of [Big Brand Name here]…

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Interview With Benztown!

Interview with Benztown! It was a real honor and pleasure to be featured as VO Of The Week in a recent interview with radio imaging powerhouse,  Benztown. I love everything about these folks and they’re a joy to work with!  Be sure to check it out!      

TV Affiliate Demo

TV Affiliate Demo Got a brand new TV Affiliate Demo hot off the presses! I really enjoyed working on this project with Eric Romanowski of Ear Blowing Audio.  We always have a blast and, as usual, Eric delivers!    

Mobile Mouthings & Configurations

Mobile Mouthings & Configurations Thoughts on the voiceover travel studio set-up from The Everyman Voice. Yes, the time has come to talk about voiceover mobile studio setups (or what I like to call mobile mouthings and configurations).  Have no fear – I’m not about to jump into an in-depth, super knowledgeable post, detailing my years as an audio engineer!  Not at all.  I’m just a regular VO guy who’s been able to produce quality audio from some very basic and simple setups.  I have no expert standing in the audio world, but have been somewhat of an audio enthusiast over the years, and believe that a sense of the creative can lead to excellent sound quality.  A fascination with recording gadgets as a child was inevitable, as I was more or…

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