Oh, That Voice

Oh, That Voice If you grew up during the 90’s, then you’ll definitely remember this voice.  But did you do the research and find out who it was at the time?  You probably couldn’t, as there was little to no internet.  If you did, you most likely spent some serious digging time at the library.  Roger Jackson, the voice of Ghostface in the 1996 movie (and soon-to-be franchise) Scream, now reveals himself in this fun article and look back at one of the most memorable films of our last great era. Check it out! Brew, Simon.  Who Provided The Scary Voice In The Scream Movies? Mental_Floss. Web. 30 Mar 2016. 12 April 2016.

Voice Talent Wisdom: Environment

Voice Talent Wisdom: Environment We may take it for granted. We may not give it the utmost care it deserves. No, this is not going to be about our country’s stance on global warming or a vehement outcry to other countries’ environmental policies.  (Or a downer of a post). However much of a stretch this may be, this same neglect can be applied to voice over.  Many voice talents don’t book jobs simply because they’re not focused on an integral part of the script: The Environment. Factors like people, place, time, reason—The Who, What, When, Where and Why are always vital no matter what type of project.  Knowing this information will help us stay better informed about each project and better serve our clients in the long run.…

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It’s Not All That Bad

It’s Not All That Bad. New age wisdom for the average voiceover artist. When we’re constantly being bombarded with things it’s good to take a break or give our attention to things in small doses.  Lately, for me that’s been happening.   The following list of experiences, thoughts, epiphanies might help you get through these cold winter months.   And with a grain or two of salt. 1.) If you’re always doing favors for people for the sole purpose of getting something in return, you should re-evaluate the need to do so in the first place. 2.) To past, present and future producers and/or voice over-seekers, it’s kind of awkward when you ask me if I think YOU could do voice over.  As a friendly reminder,…

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The Land Of Almost. It’s Better Than You Think.

The Land Of Almost.  It’s Better Than You Think. Believe it or not, I’m an optimist. Almost booking a voiceover job or getting short-listed is sometimes better than booking because, for me,  it means there’s another opportunity around the corner.  Of course one doesn’t know for sure and there’s a good amount of indecisiveness on the client side, but I’ve found the odds are usually in my favor.  Trust me- it’s a good feeling. We can all agree that rejection takes a certain amount of fortitude and bravery.  So much so that it’s caused me grow an impenetrable wall around mind that prevents any toxic thoughts or negative energy from entering.  Well, lately that is. Not to brag but I’ve been doing pretty well.  Lots…

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