Sofia, Mike, Spring Break…and a Grizzly?

Sofia, Mike, Spring Break and…a Grizzly? And they all spent their Spring Break building a home in Polynesia. Well, sort of. (an alternate tale of Christian Rosselli’s narration demo collaboration) A guy named Mike did try to build his own home but not in Polynesia. Sofia became famous for her memorable role in a famous TV sitcom but probably would never have associated with Mike in the first place. However, it really is the story of a guy named Dave Walsh and a dude named Christian, who collaborated together to create a memorable narration demo for the masses. Working with Dave was a privilege for Christian considering Dave’s coaching methods are truly one of a kind. Christian knew that if he followed Dave’s constructive feedback…

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Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego

Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego In the world of entertainment, it can, at times, be challenging to find people who exude even a degree of humility, or even truly acknowledge everyone involved in his or her creative journey.  We’re all egotists after all – the showbiz types who love to be noticed and lauded for what we do. In voiceover, this sometimes-absent humility seems to be more noticeable lately, as we are each called upon to market ourselves and tout our own brands with personal zeal. We become braggarts on social media: “Check out this new campaign I just voiced! [link here]” or “I’m so thrilled to have just signed with So-and-So Agency!” “I’m now the voice of [Big Brand Name here]…

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Hilarious Healthcare Pitfalls

Hilarious Healthcare Pitfalls When we think of healthcare in America, usually it’s no laughing matter from a political standpoint. Fortunately, some of the leaders in advertising and media have found a clever way of reminding us to find humor in the whole system.  Here’s a priceless and hilarious new spot for United Healthcare that I had the pleasure of voicing recently.  And I couldn’t have done it without two terrific teams: the talented creatives at Leo Burnett Chicago and my “other” creative team of agents at Stewart Talent in NY. Be sure to check out some previous spots from the same campaign, like this one from last year! Thanks for watching!

TV Affiliate Demo

TV Affiliate Demo Got a brand new TV Affiliate Demo hot off the presses! I really enjoyed working on this project with Eric Romanowski of Ear Blowing Audio.  We always have a blast and, as usual, Eric delivers!    

Commercials Don’t Have To Be Annoying

Commercials don’t have to be Annoying so embrace them, and use their full potential… Commercials can be annoying.  But they don’t have to be.  Chances are, you’ve read as far as the title and called it quits,  I don’t really blame you.  “What could possibly be the justification for hearing ads online while I’m trying to load my favorite playlists?”  But hear me out.  With the holidays now come and gone, you’ve most likely had your fill of online adverts in excess because you didn’t renew your Pandora One or Spotify Premium accounts.  Suddenly you’re reminded of that Ford Tundra you don’t need to buy, now that you’re living in the New York City area and taking the subway and/or that Lexus RX you can’t afford but hear about…

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When Creative Humor Takes The Cake

When Creative Humor Takes The Cake New TV Spot for United Healthcare Creative humor is fantastic, and being on the same page is a wonderful feeling.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be on that same page with some incredible creative directors and producers for the past few months now. The folks at Leo Burnett Chicago are those very creative, fun people to work with. When you work with professionals who know exactly what they’re doing AND what they want, it’s just smooth sailing ahead and also much easier to follow in line with their particular vision.  And it’s also a whole lot easier to do the job without getting distracted by over-direction during the voice over recording session. What I like about this spot in…

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