Groupies Can Be Fun
Groupies Can Be Fun Well, not all groupies are fun. But these are definitely the good kind.  A bunch of guys sitting around a room ( that will talk to you about anything- food, technology, beer, software, sports, politics, you name it! Who exactly are they and what do they do?  Well, find out at the link above.  I’m glad to be a part of this awesome crew of gentlemen – the MVO Voice-Over Guys.  My oh my they’re all so good! And, I swear, they’re a pretty cool bunch! “What Is MVO: The Voice-Over Guys!” Male VoiceOver Talents The VoiceOver Guys RSS. MVO: The Voice-Over Guys, Web. 18 Nov. 2015.

When Voice Over And Trains Collide..In Buffalo

   When Voiceover And Trains Collide…In Buffalo As many of you know, in addition to loving voiceover, I’m a serious train addict. Marrying the two loves can be a bit of a stretch, from a branding perspective, but I have no trouble devoting equal amounts of time to both. When voiceover and trains collide, I can be seen almost always on the side-lines at stations photographing train life along the Hudson River. Well, this time I put that addiction to test by taking a much anticipated train up to Buffalo NY for the first time. In addition to exploring the historical landmarks, a somewhat chaotic tour of Niagara Falls in the rain, some great bars/restaurants as well as Art Scene, I got the chance to…

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