My Personal Heroes

My Personal Heroes The following people are my personal heroes.  I look up to them every day.  Just a note of appreciation and endless gratitude to these wonderful people who have impacted my life in such a positive way over the years. Roy Yokelson Bruce Kronenberg Sara Waters Anthony Mendez Jim Kennelly Jordan Reynolds Chuck Davis Elizabeth Ciarlelli Dan Nachtrab Andy Danish Bill Hesbach Joseph Goldstein Dane Reid Joshua Redman Francis Rosselli Gregory Thorp Jack Dennis Peter O’Connell Liev Schrieber Robert Deniro George Bilgere Jeff Bridges Miles Davis Bill Evans Peter Martin Branford Marsalis Donald Hall Kenny Kirkland                  

Pausing Shouldn’t Be Scary
Pausing Shouldn’t Be Scary It’s just that we’re not used to it. As a freelancer, pausing shouldn’t be scary. There are days when I wake up and have nothing to do.  People in my field will argue that this is the time to aggressively and relentlessly market ourselves, leaving no stone unturned and making lasting impressions on potential clients.  But is it really?  I know other voice over artists who are probably sending out mass mailings to thousands of production companies because they can’t afford to feel inactive – can’t afford to pause for a single moment and reflect, or develop a new strategy during this “down time”. Market, Market, Market, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle. Treat your business like it’s an online shoe store. Baloney. This…

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Musings, Mantras, Truths and Questions Within The Creative Quest

Musings, Truths, Mantras and Questions within The Creative Quest or what I’ve learned along the way so far… 1.)  Ask not what your producer can do for you, but what you can do for your producer.  JFK moment of voiceover truth. 2.) Today the landscape of our business trends toward quantity over quality.  Who is working the most.  Doing the most.  Being seen the most.  Instant fame versus years of hard work and talent backing up the ultimate testament of true worth.   How many gigs have you booked? How many followers do you have?  When it comes to voice over work, I can tell you for one that I have not hit the 1000 mark yet.  But who’s counting?  Odd that the quality of select, professional projects seems to resonate less…

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