My Personal Heroes

My Personal Heroes The following people are my personal heroes.  I look up to them every day.  Just a note of appreciation and endless gratitude to these wonderful people who have impacted my life in such a positive way over the years. Roy Yokelson Bruce Kronenberg Sara Waters Anthony Mendez Jim Kennelly Jordan Reynolds Chuck Davis Elizabeth Ciarlelli Dan Nachtrab Andy Danish Bill Hesbach Joseph Goldstein Dane Reid Joshua Redman Francis Rosselli Gregory Thorp Jack Dennis Peter O’Connell Liev Schrieber Robert Deniro George Bilgere Jeff Bridges Miles Davis Bill Evans Peter Martin Branford Marsalis Donald Hall Kenny Kirkland                  

Opening Our Hearts

Opening Our Hearts After spending a much needed weekend away from the city with family, I had some time to reflect on many things both personal and professional in my life.   The creative juices have been flowing out of control and new doors are opening. Just a little inspiration for you today.  I’m sure it will be a reminder of all the good in your life and that there is plenty to be grateful for. A quote, a reminder to hopefully go a long way. “Never under estimate the power of the heart. When we are passionate about someone, or something,  few obstacles can defeat us. Our hearts can inspire greatness, sweep aside adversity, break new ground,  and draw others along with us.” from: Now Is The Time:…

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You’ve Heard This Before

  You’ve Heard This Before Dear Readers, I’m back to that place again.  That dreaded feeling of being over-whelmed by the vortex of VO talent blogs, posts, groupies, conferences – everyone disclosing their secrets (and all at the same time I might add), sharing endless wisdom they absolutely have to get off their chest, news that someone somewhere is recording a commercial and they had to let us know how “productive’ they were that morning, etc.  More of the same, more or less.   (CUE booing and ‘ugh, Christian, GOD, WTF dude’) Are you also feeling a bit over-whelmed?  Is your head spinning? Well, make the choice to get away and stick with it.  That’s what I did and do often. I went on a…

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Pause for Power. Yes, really.

Pause for Power.  Yes, really. The power of pause has more benefits than we might think.  Earlier this week at my usual Bikram Yoga class, I had a revelation of sorts.  At the end of class, while we were all lying down in (the unanimously loved) Savasana pose, I started to notice several people leaving early.  A true Yogi realizes that this is not advised, as our bodies need to come to full rest (at least 2 minutes) and sometimes more to make the necessary transition from the hard work we’ve endured over the last 90 minutes.  As a rather harried young woman jumped up and gathered her things before resting, our instructor took notice and said: “Don’t tell me you don’t have 2 minutes.…

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The Announcer in All of Us

The Announcer In All Of Us It creeps up on us like a bad dream. It lures us into that special comfort zone. It tempts us like the container of Nutella or the cookie jar late at night.   The copy direction warns us NOT to go there and yet we do.  We make the trip to announcer-land.  The habit of over-projecting when it’s really a simple conversation. When it’s really that we’re just talking to someone- A friend, a relative, a family member, or random stranger.   In the back of our minds, we know that some ad executive, producer, or director in that room, is yearning to hear that good ol’ fashioned ‘announcer sound’ we are often told to avoid.  We do it…

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P2P or Not2P? That is the Question

 P2P or Not 2P? That is the Question.   Whether it is nobler in the mind  To suffer the slings and arrows of the  Every day fortunes and perils of people in the flesh Or take arms against a sea of online casting sites And by opposing end them?; To lose out, to not book. It’s been a great New Year so far!  The past two weeks have been booked solid with a steady stream of voice over work (hoping it stays that way), several networking opportunities, daily marketing and, last but not least, lots of tweeting! (which I didn’t often do before; please follow me I feel extremely fortunate and lucky.  A lot of this has been made possible by my own diligence…

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