Oh, That Voice

Oh, That Voice If you grew up during the 90’s, then you’ll definitely remember this voice.  But did you do the research and find out who it was at the time?  You probably couldn’t, as there was little to no internet.  If you did, you most likely spent some serious digging time at the library.  Roger Jackson, the voice of Ghostface in the 1996 movie (and soon-to-be franchise) Scream, now reveals himself in this fun article and look back at one of the most memorable films of our last great era. Check it out! Brew, Simon.  Who Provided The Scary Voice In The Scream Movies? Mental_Floss. Web. 30 Mar 2016. 12 April 2016.

High School Experience: Heath’s Impact

High School Experience: Heath’s Impact But it was Heath — a natural storyteller, and always reliable for a cheesy joke — who transfixed us. Before I knew it, the cast was experiencing what I’ve since found to be all too rare: a unified chemistry throughout the ensemble, without a single bad apple in the bunch. The experience was communal, it sang like a well-tuned chorus both onscreen and off-, and we all agreed that we were having the best summer of our lives. When you think about it, I’m sure we all look back at some of our high school experiences with vivid recollections.  It’s that time we refer to as blissful ignorance.  Before all our life’s major decisions.  Before any major growing up.  We…

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Spike Lee film – Acknowledging and Honoring A Great City

Spike Lee film – Acknowledging and Honoring A Great City The new Spike Lee film called “Da New Yawk Joint” (great title) is one I’m really looking forward to seeing. Who better than a director of Spike’s stature and experience,  who is so clearly well-versed in all things NYC, to bring this project to life? If there’s any filmmaker as passionate and knowledgeable about New York City,  it’s Spike Lee.  I’ve loved his films since day one and feel that no one can capture the physical, emotional and psychological make-up of this great city better than this man.  With the city rapidly transforming before our eyes, gentrification pervading every avenue and street corner, I find it sometimes challenging to see the very character (what made…

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