Election Brings Marketing Shakedown

Election Brings Marketing Shakedown Advertising professionals re-examine strategies. We knew it might come to this.  The results of this year’s election have forced ad agencies and creative professionals across the country to come to grips with a new marketing reality.  It comes as no surprise to learn that, in the aftermath of such a contentious election, a dramatic shift in the way brands target consumers has prompted a reckoning of sorts. Who are we marketing to? How do we emphasize trends while focusing on all types of consumers?  How do we move forward while marketing to people of diverse backgrounds, while including a sense of bringing our country together?  This remains to be seen.  In recent years, I’ve often felt that the broad strokes of advertising have…

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Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego

Humility Takes Us Farther: Voiceover without the Ego In the world of entertainment, it can, at times, be challenging to find people who exude even a degree of humility, or even truly acknowledge everyone involved in his or her creative journey.  We’re all egotists after all – the showbiz types who love to be noticed and lauded for what we do. In voiceover, this sometimes-absent humility seems to be more noticeable lately, as we are each called upon to market ourselves and tout our own brands with personal zeal. We become braggarts on social media: “Check out this new campaign I just voiced! [link here]” or “I’m so thrilled to have just signed with So-and-So Agency!” “I’m now the voice of [Big Brand Name here]…

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Hilarious Healthcare Pitfalls

Hilarious Healthcare Pitfalls When we think of healthcare in America, usually it’s no laughing matter from a political standpoint. Fortunately, some of the leaders in advertising and media have found a clever way of reminding us to find humor in the whole system.  Here’s a priceless and hilarious new spot for United Healthcare that I had the pleasure of voicing recently.  And I couldn’t have done it without two terrific teams: the talented creatives at Leo Burnett Chicago and my “other” creative team of agents at Stewart Talent in NY. Be sure to check out some previous spots from the same campaign, like this one from last year! Thanks for watching!

Digital Is Real

Digital Is Real Watch this video on The Scene. You may remember my recent post defending Commercials in the current digital landscape.  And you may also remember me highlighting their efficacy in the grand scheme of things. We know that not all commercials are bad and some, in fact, place such a heavy emphasis on brand awareness and, in most cases, offer good ol’ fashioned entertainment, as in the case of our favorite Super Bowl Ads. With the 2016 Super Bowl behind us, one company seems to stand out in its understanding of brand direction in advertising. Any brand or company would be remiss if they didn’t do other things in tandem with a super bowl commercial to create a more cohesive 360 campaign. Nick Maschmeyer, Sr Strategist, Droga5 It…

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Commercials Don’t Have To Be Annoying

Commercials don’t have to be Annoying so embrace them, and use their full potential… Commercials can be annoying.  But they don’t have to be.  Chances are, you’ve read as far as the title and called it quits,  I don’t really blame you.  “What could possibly be the justification for hearing ads online while I’m trying to load my favorite playlists?”  But hear me out.  With the holidays now come and gone, you’ve most likely had your fill of online adverts in excess because you didn’t renew your Pandora One or Spotify Premium accounts.  Suddenly you’re reminded of that Ford Tundra you don’t need to buy, now that you’re living in the New York City area and taking the subway and/or that Lexus RX you can’t afford but hear about…

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Lady Luck Just Got Closer

Lady Luck Just Got Closer Lady Luck has a funny way of creeping up on us at the least expected moments.  For the record, I’m pretty far from being a gambler or avid casino go-er but that doesn’t mean I can’t help tell a brand’s story – and have a little fun doing it.  Sometimes we voiceover people just get lucky voicing products about getting lucky. I’ve actually only been to three casinos in my life; once with my Dad many years ago (there’s no story there, I promise – it was your average business trip), once with a friend whom I bailed on pretty early into the night, and again a couple of years ago in Vegas for the quintessential bachelor party experience (definitely…

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Gentlemen Of The Highest Order

Gentlemen Of The Highest Order are coffee lovers at heart. Where are the gentlemen these days? If you’re both a coffee lover and an appreciator of good advertising, you might find this video, which surfaced a couple of weeks ago, quite amusing. Clooney is one of those Class A gentlemen I’ve come to appreciate over the years and someone who grew on me as well over time. And he’s fantastic when it comes to brand loyalty and sticking behind something.  DeVito is an actor I’ve loved watching since childhood (I even met him in person when I was 10 at my father’s restaurant) so this pairing seems especially fitting.   Clooney and DeVito are better known for drinking limoncellos together, but perhaps they rely on coffee to revive…

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20 Somethings Don’t Suck That Much

20 Somethings Don’t Suck That Much 20 Somethings are smarter than you think.  You can’t fool the leaders of tomorrow.   Millennials may be a most misunderstood market- challenging to define and reach with short-attention spans.  They’re (we’re) non-traditional consumers for sure.  You can reach someone in a genuine way without lying.   As traditional advertising means are changing rapidly and a new consumer landscape is being defined, new methods of outreach are being adopted. Millennials love give-and-take. Gone are the days of faceless organizations with untouchable leadership. This generation craves transparency and dialog with the products they love. This article from Mashable from a few months back sums up those challenges/changes quite nicely.  My cousin is 24 and constantly glued to her phone. I…

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Groupies Can Be Fun

Groupies Can Be Fun Well, not all groupies are fun. But these are definitely the good kind.  A bunch of guys sitting around a room (er..um..microphone) that will talk to you about anything- food, technology, beer, software, sports, politics, you name it! Who exactly are they and what do they do?  Well, find out at the link above.  I’m glad to be a part of this awesome crew of gentlemen – the MVO Voice-Over Guys.  My oh my they’re all so good! And, I swear, they’re a pretty cool bunch! “What Is MVO: The Voice-Over Guys!” Male VoiceOver Talents The VoiceOver Guys RSS. MVO: The Voice-Over Guys, Web. 18 Nov. 2015.

Experience, Not Pay, Right?

It’s About The Experience Not The Pay, Right? …and it will lead to more work down the line! Experience over pay. It’s sadly an all-too-common phrase you hear within certain industries.  Especially in voice over  And worse, it seems to be accepted in some cases. Last week a video posted on Adweek’s website was quite the buzz. It seemed to resonate for many people in creative fields such as advertising, PR, graphic design and, surprisingly enough, voice over.  Yep, within an hour or so, many of my VO colleagues were posting this video all over social media.  Pretty soon more and more people picked up on it and the video went viral.  The gist was to show how people in non-advertising fields react to “working…

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