Sofia - Narration Demo - Christian Rosselli

Sofia, Mike, Spring Break and…a Grizzly?

And they all spent their Spring Break building a home in Polynesia. Well, sort of.

(an alternate tale of Christian Rosselli’s narration demo collaboration)

A guy named Mike did try to build his own home but not in Polynesia. Sofia became famous for her memorable role in a famous TV sitcom but probably would never have associated with Mike in the first place.

However, it really is the story of a guy named Dave Walsh and a dude named Christian, who collaborated together to create a memorable narration demo for the masses. Working with Dave was a privilege for Christian considering Dave’s coaching methods are truly one of a kind. Christian knew that if he followed Dave’s constructive feedback and encouragement, he could connect more to the material. As a result, the work shows and both are happy with the outcome.

And Voila! Discover Dave and his trademarked method at

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