Funny Commercials Are At It Again

With 2017 well on its way, the Super Bowl and Oscars come and gone, and some interesting times in general, it’s important to focus on our work.  I am honored to be voicing a brand new (and, yes, funny) national commercial campaign for UnitedHealthcare once again.  The ad has been well-received by industry professionals as well as friends and family.  It even made Adweek’s recent “10 Most Watched Ads On YouTube In January” (see above link) which proves that Healthcare is still a laughing matter for some.  Leo Burnett Chicago was again the key creative behind this gem.  The best part of it all? Getting to (sort of) meet Chuck Norris.

Hope you enjoy!

Nudd, Tim.  10 Most Watched Ads On YouTube in January. Adweek. Web. 10 Feb 2017. 27 Feb 2017.

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